• Air quality and meteorology monitoring campaigns, measuring concentrations of the pollutant TSP (Total Suspended Particles) at seven different locations at a petrochemical plant in the industrial district of CIVIT, Serra-ES.
  • Elaboration of an inventory of air pollutant emissions and simulation of atmospheric dispersion, using the AERMOD model, of emissions of air pollutants from two petrochemical industries located in the Capuava-SP complex.
  • Evaluation of the Air Quality Monitoring Network of the Camaçari-BA Industrial complex, covering the elaboration and validation of the inventory of air pollutants emitting sources of the companies belonging to the Pole and application of mathematical modeling of dispersion of atmospheric pollutants.
  • Implementation of the service in the detection, monitoring and recording of the inventory of hydrocarbon vapors from fugitive emissions sources through the methodology of USEPA Method 21 - Leak, Detection and Repair, at the Shale Industrialization Unit (SIX) in São Mateus do Sul - PR.
  • Laboratory analysis report of groundwater from the deep tubular well located at the Capixaba Norte Terminal (TNC). São Mateus-ES.
  • Diagnosis of Illumination of the Capixaba Norte Terminal (TNC), in compliance with Ordinance No. 11/1995 of IBAMA. São Mateus-ES.
  • Environmental technical suitability of its Effluent Treatment System and part of its fertilizer industry pluvial drainage system located in the industrial district of CIVIT, Serra-ES.

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