The Dust Fighter range by Generac Mobile® is composed of ten dust control units which provide you with options based on performances and size of the area covered by the nebulized water.

The dust suppression systems of Generac Mobile® are suitable for a variety of applications, such as demolition works, mining sites, odour suppression in waste dumps, aggregate production or recycling, environmental repairs and much more. The smallest units, DF Mini and DF Mini Duo, are ideal also for asbestos removal and can be used for indoor works.

Nebulized water particles have a 50-150 micron diameter: they can easily combine themselves with dust particles with same dimensions and drag them to the ground. Moreover, nebulized water can completely cover the dust cloud.

DF Ecology Dust Fighter Range Features

  • Water consumption reduction compared to traditional techniques
  • Dust suppression more effective thanks to the nebulized water
  • Automatic operation
  • No formation of muddy surfaces
  • Large work area

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