The company

Quality Consultoria Ambiental (QualityAmb) was founded in July 2010. Based in Vitória-ES, the company develops studies in the field of air emissions, air quality and meteorology, in addition to having ABNT ISO 9001 certification.

The company holds an experienced and highly qualified multidisciplinar staff in the field of Atmospheric Sciences, composed of Environmental Sanitarists, Geographers, Meteorologists and Environmental Engineers.

Acting in the national and international market, the company has clients and partners in several federation units. QualityAmb is nationally recognized in industrial and urban air quality emission quantification studies, air quality with established models (CMAQ, AERMOD and CALPUFF), studies involving climate and meteorology, besides execute for years the WRF model (Weather Research and Forecasting).

QualityAmb goal is to provide environmental consulting services in atmospheric resources through structured management processes and practices, focusing closely on costumer's requiriments and satisfaction, as well as constantly improving of the company processes effectiveness.


Strategic vision

Mission: To create strong and lasting bonds with customers, employees and society, developing environmental solutions focused on air quality.

Vision: To be a solid company with a highly qualified team, creating value for our clients and society through our products and services in the area of Air Quality Management.

Beliefs and Values

  • Transparency - always be clear and true;
  • Competence - we believe in people and, therefore, we try to keep the team always with a high level of knowledge, through continuous improvement;
  • Excellence - we can always do more and better;
  • Respect - attentive to people's needs;
  • Innovation - creating a motivating environment to help develop creative characteristics in people.

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